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Buttons and wheels have good clicky feeling and it is very comfy due to it's small and curvy shape. It does not have annoying red light at bottom plus it works on almost every plain surface except transparent glass table. For Rs. Only thing that I feel bad about it the logo is almost gone now.

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Check attached recent pic of my mouse after months of use. Use is rough but it took it all. I got this mouse on 5th Dec It has almost been with me for 2 years when it's scrolled got damaged. Till then it was working flawlessly. With only one battery change Then I got my warranty claimed, which got me a new one.

After 1 long week wait Overall performance of this mice is awsm.

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N for sure it's reliable. The only con I found was it's service center, which is not at all customer friendly. Got it for Rs. One person found this helpful.

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I was using an amkette wireless mouse and Keyboard set before this, and that used to work great. That mouse lasted me almost 3 years without any issue. When it finally stopped working i decided to by this based on multiple reviews i read here. However my experience with the product has been very bad. The mouse works fine when you are sitting next to the laptop, but as soon as you move a few feet away the connections is poor with lot of lag. Would not advice anyone to by this product. I replaced an earlier M with this one only to realize, to my utter shock, that the new device is not compatible with Logitech's unified receiver.

Though it is my mistake to order a device without checking for the unified receiver symbol - typically one would expect same product specs for the same model.. Logitech seems to be going backwards. One of the reason I bought a Logitech mouse was to avoid having too many receivers.. I might as well get any other mouse! What are you thinking Logitech.. After using 7 months straight. Occasional gaming? But never for serious gaming. I DID get the whole two year warranty plus extended warranty. So all who are saying that the unit is 'duplicate' and all that nonsense, needs to get their heads checked or probably you are unlucky to get a faulty item.

I damn sure will. Perfect pair along with my laptop. Another con someone pointed out is that is is too noisy. Again, not agreeing with that. Not as fast as a wired mouse while gaming , but apart that I've not a single issue with this one. Wireless optical mouse that runs on a single AA battery included in the pack. Mouse is very lightweight and is small - just a tad bigger than a mini mouse. Small even for a medium sized hand. Ergonomics not the best. Not at all comfortable for prolonged use.

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Quick installation - just insert the nano receiver into a USB port, remove the battery seal, switch on the mouse and you are ready to go. Windows 10 recognised it immediately - no need to install any drivers or adjust any settings. The LED at the bottom stays off - probably to save battery? Will update this review after a couple of months. Pros 1. Was packaged well, and was easy to open at the same time. The use is intuitive. I opened the battery compartment, attached the battery and inserted the receiver. The mouse connected instantly. Works smoothly and flawlessly. Fits well to the hand.

Cons Feels less sturdy than I would have liked. I've used the Microsoft before this. That mouse lacked a 'clicking' scroll wheel and made me feel like I was missing something. Already I feel better for it. I find the size also more comfortable; it is smaller than the Microsoft Apart from the build quality which is still quite good , full marks - would've given 4. The battery life is too good. I use my computer for 6 - 8 hours a day and do not play any games.

I am using the same battery shipped with the mouse since date of purchase. It must be over 6 weeks now. My old wireless mouse had a large dongle and red flashing light under the mouse. This one has no visible light so it may be using IR. The dongle is also very small. I dont have to take it our from laptop before keeping the laptop in my bag. The scroll wheels works fine and clicks are good. The size is on the smaller size but you get used to it in couple of days.

See all 1, reviews. Would you like to see more reviews about this item? Go to Amazon. Pages with related products. See and discover other items: Logitech Mice , Logitech Trackballs , usb hubs , all in one pc , wireless keyboard and mouse , mac laptop. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Inclusive of all taxes. Laser Grade. USB nano reciever. USB Unifying Bluetooth. USB Nano-receiver. Ratchet Wheel. Audible Download Audio Books.


Best Wireless Mice: Ergonomic Optical Models in India

DPReview Digital Photography. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free. Thus, a popular model of the wireless mouse M is not an exception. Talking about mouse control, the Logitech M operates on a classic principle. You can connect the device to your PC via a USB dongle, which is so compact that you do not have to take it out even if you need to stick your laptop in a bag or a backpack.

Such connection gives you an opportunity to operate your computer from a distance reaching up to 10 meters. Besides its simplicity, this model is very economic. It uses the standard easily available and affordable AA battery. Moreover, this mouse can run for over a year on a single battery and this is much longer than many manufacturers can offer. In addition, the mouse boasts a unique feature - the Unifying technology that enables you to connect up to 6 wireless devices via one USB Logitech dongle.

For instance, you can connect a mouse or two, a couple of wireless keyboards, and even a few other accessories. Thanks to this fantastic possibility, you can free up the USB ports on your computer as well as get rid of all the irritating wires in the workplace. The Logitech M can work equally well on any device. But, in addition to the usual desktop PCs or portable laptops, the mouse will also be compatible with the latest devices running on Chrome OS, such as Chromebox and Chromebook.

Logitech Mouse - Buy Logitech Mouse Online at Best Prices In India | ifilytagun.ml

This model offers excellent price-quality ratio. It meets the highest quality standards and yet comes at a very reasonable price. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly device, you should definitely consider this wireless mouse from Lenovo. Thanks to the matte-black plastic case, there will be no fingerprints, traces, or hand gunk on its surface.

Also, it won't make your palms stick or sweat regardless how long or how tight you hold on to it. We should mention that this type of coating is resistant to scratches, which can appear during transportation. The control features of this model are on par with those of more expensive pointing devices. Classic conventional design guarantees that you can easily get used to it.

At the same time, the optical mouse accuracy of dpi will allow you to use it equally effectively in a wide range of tasks, such as graphic applications, surfing the Internet, modeling, and even gaming. It should be noted that the N is an optical model and will glide smoothly on many types of surfaces. Yet, for better comfort and accuracy, it is advised to use it on a mouse pad. As for the power supply, this mouse runs on a single standard AA battery, which is conveniently included in the mouse kit.

This high-quality battery from a reputable brand, Energizer, is made to last for a long time. A handy LED indicator above the scroll wheel will let you know whether the device is on or off. Both optical and laser mice can accumulate dirt and microbes in no time. Otherwise, its use can become unpleasant and even difficult, as dust and dirt can obstruct the illumination beam and disrupt the operation of the video sensor. Clean your device in just a few simple steps:. The corresponding Microsoft department has been designing PC mouse devices for more than 33 years already and has achieved much in that field thanks to which all their products are of high quality and packed with cutting-edge technology.

The technology allows for an effective and precise mouse movement tracking on any surface ranging from glassed marble to carpeting. Such high performance is achieved by the use of high-precision optical sensor and the light-emitting diode of a new type, which generates a wider and more powerful beam. The only surface this cordless mouse by Microsoft is unable to operate on is a completely transparent glass. The support of Bluetooth wireless connectivity eliminates the need for a USB transceiver and makes the Sculpt model a completely cordless mouse for PC.

Having synchronized the Microsoft Sculpt mouse only once with your PC, laptop or another compatible mobile device enables a consequent easy and convenient use of the mouse. The Sculpt Comfort cordless mouse has almost perfect size and weight balance, which make its manipulation a real pleasure. The Sculpt measures only 2. With that said, the mouse weight of 0. Speaking of the controls, the device is equipped with a multi-function scroll button that supports not only an up-down scrolling but also a left-right scrolling.

On the left side of the wireless mouse, there is customizable Windows touch tab with a Microsoft logo, which enables you to access the Start Menu or the TaskView with one click. It is safe to say that having such wireless mouse is convenient and reasonable. All those who go on a business trip frequently or just do not like having many wires stuck in their PCs or laptops will definitely appreciate the Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse.

One of the most commonly used devices to operate a user interface is a PC mouse. The rapid development of wireless technologies made these computer peripherals very popular. They allow the user to interact not only with an ordinary desktop PC but also all compatible portable digital devices. Naturally, the key advantage it offers is the entire freedom of movement as there are no connection cords. For instance, if you are going to use your laptop on the go, a cordless mouse can immensely simplify the process.

These devices are capable of operating for a month without an external power supply. People who frequently travel or go on business trips would definitely appreciate these both handy and user-friendly gadgets. It is worth noting that you should monitor the battery charge level to avoid running out of power when you least expect it or have some spare batteries readily available.

If you search for the most up-to-date, high-quality, but reasonably priced wireless mouse devices our review will help you pick the best model. For avid gamers willing to conquer the virtual battlefields we recommend considering a more suitable device - a gaming mouse. There are several interface types used for the wireless connection, though the most widespread and popular are the Bluetooth connection and radio frequency connection, so-called RF. Bluetooth wireless computer mice can work with the mobile devices and laptops with a built-in Bluetooth receiver.

However, such cordless devices are easily connected to desktop PCs using a small Bluetooth transceiver adapter. As for the RF-wireless devices, they are paired with a special transceiver. It can be plugged into any vacant USB port and transmit the signal. At this stage of considering the best parameters, you should take into account the operating system compatibility of the wireless device to provide its proper operation under the given OS. Another important thing to consider is the Autonomous Mode Operation or the mouse power source.

Logitech Mouse - Be Productive Every Day

It can be either a built-in battery or the rechargeable one. On the other hand, the conventional built-in batteries can last much longer - up to several months on one charge. Remember that the wireless devices should be E rgonomic. This factor influences its usability a lot. There are several key factors to highlight. Wireless mice feature different shapes and designs, thus you can choose the most suitable gadget out of a variety of models available on the market. It is essential that the mouse nicely fits into your palm and is conveniently operated.

Some cordless mice may be symmetrical ambidextrous and suit both left- and right-handed users. But other models are designed for the right-handers only. The weight of a wireless mouse can affect the ease of its operation. Hence, you have to factor it in, when choosing a gadget for your needs. Some wireless mice are equipped with a sensor panel or a touch surface instead of mechanical buttons, which makes them much more multifunctional and versatile.

The more buttons your device features, the more interface control actions you can perform. The possibility to assign the desired function to a key only adds to the device convenience. The programmable mice are likely to catch the fancy of avid gamers or web-surfing enthusiasts. The last but not least, we advise taking a look at the mouse sensor R esolution , which directly impacts the precision of the pointer control. Which mice are better: Actually there is no such thing as a better model. Wireless models are considered to be more convenient as they are not chained to the computer.

That is why the user does not depend on the cord length and, moreover, the operating range of modern mice is rather long so you do not even have to be too close to your desktop PC or laptop. Due to these considerations, these devices are gaining in popularity and catching the fancy of more and more users. Does it matter if a user is left or right-handed? It depends on the type of the model. Some of the mice are asymmetrically designed for right-handed users only.

But now the manufacturers are trying to produce more ambidextrous models so that they could suit any user. Is the size of the device important? When choosing a mouse you definitely should take into consideration not only your aesthetic preferences but also your anatomical features, such as the size of your palm. Women, for example, tend to have smaller hands and they can experience difficulty working with a large and heavy mouse. Accordingly, operating a small and compact model can be inconvenient or tiring for some men. If you are going to use the mouse on a daily basis, it is advisable to have the one of suitable size and shape.

Are all models of the same colour? Normally, pointing devices are not that bright. Traditionally, they are classic black, grey, or blue. But if you would like to have an extraordinary and conspicuous gadget, no problem. You will be able to find modern models of any colour, be it red, green, yellow, pink, and so on.

Some of them can boast unique and unusual colourations or even glow in the dark with different colorful neon lights.

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How often should a battery be replaced? It depends on the battery quality. Poer supply of poor quality does not last long. But, as a rule, the mouse kit already includes a good battery that will enable you to start using the device immediately out of the box. This is a quality battery that will definitely serve you for over a year, depending on the intensity of use.

You can also purchase a rechargeable battery with a charger to save your time and money. Is every mouse suitable for both working and gaming? When looking for a proper device you need to take into consideration a number of aspects.

The Best Mouse for Laptops!

For sure, first of all, it is necessary to decide what purposes you have in mind. Some models are specially designed for ordinary tasks, they do not have any special features needed for intensive gaming. Others are suitable for both playing and professional needs. Besides, you should be aware of mouse's special features and specifications, such as dpi, response time, control elements, connection type, and so on. Are there any mice with a funny design? Of course, there are. You can find unique and unusual models. They can come in various colours, shape, and size.